Consultant: Sarang Consulting Engineers Company

Waterproofing Contractor: Mana Sanat Bonyan

Objective: waterproofing of excavation

Case of Activity: Consulting, Technical Designing, Procurement and Installation of Waterproofing System

Groundwater Level: -18 m

Excavation Floor Area: 5,600 m²

Excavation Wall Area: 13,000 m²

Excavation Depth: 42 m

Stabilization System: Nailing, Strand, Soldier Pile

Designing and Installation of Waterproofing System:

  • Preparing installation requirements by capping on Nail and Strands and softening the edges of Soldier Piles using cementitious mortar and expanded metal
  • Installation of Dimple Sheet Drainage Layer
  • Installation of GCL Waterproofing Layer
  • Using Sodium Bentonite Powder in overlap areas